Best of the Best Top 10 Personal Injury Law Award


Congrats on all of your recent accolades - you’re a true inspiration for our next generation!

Thank you for all you have done and continue do on behalf of Loyola. - Loyola Law School


A wonderful and well deserved recognition for one of the giants in our profession. Hooray for you, Jim! - ROMAN

America's Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys 2019® Recipient Award

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"Dear Jim- your private recommendations would be very valuable- - - your name is well known throughout trial lawyers even here in the Rocky Mountain region. My thanks and best regards." (from a mainland litigator)

Aloha James Krueger,
On behalf of everyone here at HONOLULU Magazine, congratulations on being listed as one of Hawai'i's Best Lawyers for 2018.

Dear James,
You were recently nominated as a biographical candidate to be featured in the 2018 Who’s Who in American Law- the best-known, most trusted biographical resource on America’s most accomplished Lawyers since 1899.

Dear Counsel,
Congratulations on your nomination for Lifetime Achievement honor among America's Top 100 Attorneys® for Hawaii.

Dear Mr. Krueger,
All of us here at Best Lawyers would like to extend our congratulations on your firm's ranking in the 2018 Edition of U.S. News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" rankings! Ad reservations are now available for the upcoming eighth Edition of the U.S. News ‒ Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" publication.
The "Best Law Firms" rankings are derived through a rigorous selection process, and advertising in the publication presents the opportunity to feature your law firm alongside two of the most respected legal brands in the country.

Dear James Krueger,
You have been selected by your peers for inclusion in the 24th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America for your work in Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs.












I was on Maui Last week for an early morning hearing with a cadre of defense attonreys who thought the Lindsey case was unwinnable; and it probably would have been for a mere mortal. Congratulations Jim.

Tough case Jim....I have not known you to take the easy ones. You are amazing.

It's always inspiring to hear about your firm's success. Thank you for sharing the great news and for always being so willing to help.

Great result in a very difficult case. Congratulations!







"September 17, 2013

Dear James,

We are writing to you because you are one of the nation's legal thought leaders...
Thank you!...






Congratulations. You are better than the best and I personally learned a lot from you even after being in this business 42 years. You are a pleasure to work with and your standards are the highest.

I am very happy for you and your client. I am also very proud to have had the honor of meeting and working with you. 

New York Engineering Expert



First, congrats settling. That had to be a tough nut to crack but you did. Second, the pleasure of working with you is all mine. I really do enjoy working with you and Cynthia. Great attorneys and really good fun to work with. Who could ask for more.  

Economic expert, Hawaii


Aloha Brother Jim:

Thank you for your note and the kind words it contained. It is a pleasure to work with you and your firm which represents folks who are facing the stress and uncertainty of litigation and trial and who are in need of resources to bring relief and sanity to their worlds.  

All the Best,
August 2012







"... Thanks JK for sharing this with us. As you can see we are all hungry for this level of detail. Few of us do what you did because this is awesome advocacy.  

I remember many conversations with insurance defense attorneys over the years talking about Jim. You know what I mean.  We ask them who is really good? He scares them. At my best I never scared them. Actually that goes outside of law. Like most of us they might think "Oh my God, this one won't quit".  

But Jim Krueger scares them. I am not sure if anyone has what Jim has although every HIAJ member is awesome. One story was about JK doing some very unpredictable thing before trial in a case. The defense atty said that the adjuster and in-house were really upset and confused. No one ever did something like that and it didn't fit into any theory of the case. The case settled.  

I have said this before on the Forum but NEVER get on a panel at CLE where JK is the moderator. It is the worst nightmare you've had in law school. And he can swim and is trim!!   

Way to go BIG JIM! Or is it BIG "BAD" JIM?"  

Wayne Parsons
Past President, Hawaii Trial Lawyers Association
ATLA Hawaii Governor